candle making containers

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candle making containers
Solving problem of the unity candle in an outdoor wedding?

Ours is actually a renewal of vows. 5 years ago our wedding on the beach was canceled due to a hurrricane. Since we are already married, we are including children and what is a "candle of the family." Our original plan was to follows: Each of our (5-their parents are divorced, the father remarried 26 years) of parents light the candle and each of our family (we and 3 children) will use one to light the large candle together. But here's the problem blowing them beige. Therefore, another option is as follows: Each of the parents carries a small container of wax candle making accounts and poured into a glass container placed in the place where the pillar candle would. Then the candles can be ignited in the final minute and went all the children and if the candle blows big blow after beign fired is no big deal. It deals with issues of wind and still symbolizes a mixture. Good second choice, OK? Any other suggestions to him? We have seen in the sand instead, but they are crazy.

Look at the ceremonies sand unit. It can be done with several different colors and look beautiful sitting on the mantle and no fire accident.

Candle Making Without Drips or Spills

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